Back in 2013, I made a series of charts about the height and weights of NFL players. They’re available on this website for anybody who is interested. Since then I have gotten the occasional request for access to the raw data behind those charts.

Since I cycled through laptops a couple of times in the interim I didn’t really have easy access to the data, but kept on meaning to go and dig it up from my backups. Today I got another request for the data from somebody working on a science fair project, which was just the kick I needed to actually go and track it down. Unfortunately the historical data wasn’t especially easy to get, but for a snapshot in time, here is a CSV file containing the player information I have on the players from 2013 NFL rosters

Here is the data. The file looks like this:

23,"Alford, Robert",CB,70,186,11/1/1988,ATL
95,"Babineaux, Jonathan",DT,74,300,10/12/1981,ATL
72,"Baker, Sam",T,77,301,5/30/1985,ATL
59,"Bartu, Joplo",OLB,74,230,10/3/1990,ATL
71,"Biermann, Kroy",OLB,75,255,9/12/1985,ATL
63,"Blalock, Justin",G,76,326,12/20/1983,ATL
5,"Bosher, Matt",P,72,208,10/18/1987,ATL
3,"Bryant, Matt",K,69,203,5/29/1975,ATL
51,"Chaney, Jamar",LB,72,242,10/11/1986,ATL
+ 1,000 more lines

For clarity, the exact meanings of each of the columns are as follows:

  • number: The player’s shirt number
  • full_name: The player’s full name, in the form Last, First
  • position: The 1/2 letter abbreviation for the players position
  • height_in_inches: The player’s heigh in inches
  • weight_in_lbs: The player’s weight in pounds
  • date_of_birth: The player’s date of birth in the form MM/DD/YYYY
  • team: The three letter abbreviation for the team the player was on at the end of the 2013 season.

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