Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons


  • Akta: Tiefling Paladin; Oath of Vengeance (Jessica)
  • Gehenna: Dragonborn Ranger; Hunter (Davo)
  • Keth: Human Barbarian; Path of the Berserker (Dan)
  • Kolybelka: Human Rogue; Assassin (Sasha)
  • Merlock: Halfling Bard (Billy)
  • Varis: Half Elf Druid; Circle of the Moon (Austin)


Episode 1: Till’s Quest

The party is summoned to the basement of a tavern by Till, who asks them to take a pendant and figure out how to destroy it.

As the team is debating whether to do this, the door is beaten down by thugs, the party escapes through a secret passage and escapes into the forest. After evading a single guardsman who was on the lookout in the area, the party escapes into the woods.

After navigating the forest for some time, they find a glowing crystal surrounded by misty figures, and then a house – out of place in the woods.

Two children outside of the house ask the patry to find their dead brother. The party explores the house, working from the bottom up. After battingling an animated suit of armor, the party finds the corpses of the two children who asked them for help, and a doll house that looks exactly like the house they are in. Upon investigation of the doll house, the party notices a secret passage from the attic into the basement, and they follow it…

Episode 2: The Mossy Horror

The party arrives into a dank, circular basement. Upon finding a lever, they pull it, and the room corkscrews downwards, leaving the stairs above them, revealing a crypt. Akta finds the deed for a windmill (situated in the town of Elmwood) in a coffin, and the team moves towards the only notable sound in the basement. Chanting.

Following the chanting, the party finds an Orc Barbarian being sacrified by a cult, and springs into action, saving him.

During the fight, the cult leader comands one of his lackeys onto a pedestal where he is killed, turning into a giant mossy horror. The monster chases the party (and its new member, Keth) out to the surface, where the house no longer exists.

The party continues on its journey to the point Till told them to go, where they look at the sky and see a giant, flying castle in the clouds…

Episode 3: Zora’s House

The city of Mulmaster

The party rides the castle towards Mulmaster, and with the exception of a minor incursion by some cultists, have a peaceful time. When they near Mulmaster, the party sees the night sky light up like an explosion. On investigating, they find a crater made of black glass, and the remains of a town that used to be called Elmwood. To the south of the town, Akta finds an abandoned windmill and is drawn towards a spot in the ground. She digs and finds a box containing a mysterious whip.

The party moves on to Elmwood, and finds Zora. A woman who looks remarkably like Till. Zora tells the team she can help figure out how to destroy the pendant, but has a more immediate concern, the destruction of Elmwood. She asks the party to investigate what happened there. The only lead is a horribly burned girl who survived the blast and is being kept in a hospital.

The party spring the girl from the hospital and take her to Zora’s house. The girl is largely unresponsive, and when quizzed answers only with “Fire and ash”. While the party were investigating, Zora was researching and found that in wearing the pendant, Akta had attracted the attention of a creature known as a wandering crypt.

The wandering crypt is a kind of dungeon that moves and hunts by luring unwary adventurers underground. At this point, Zora gestures out of the window to a building that wasn’t there hours earlier, an entrance to the wandering crypt.

The party decides to rest before dealing with the crypt, but during the night the house is attacked by cultists, who manage to burn it down and kidnap the girl. The party follows the cultist’s trail to the outskirts of Mulmaster, where they find the cultists in an underground lair in the middle of a ritual. A ritual being led by the burned girl! After dealing with the cult and the demon they were summoning, the party rifles through their belongings and finds that the girl was responsible for the destruction at Elmwood, and that the cult is in some way related to the pendant that Akta is wearing.

The party returns to Zora’s house, ready to head underground and face the wandering crypt…

Episode 4: The Wandering Crypt

The party enters the hut that appeared in Zora’s garden, noting an inscription in a foreign language, “Seekers of knowledge are welcome; seekers of wealth beware!”. The inside of the hut looks like a normal peasant hut, but on closer inspection, a rug leads down to a hidden cellar.

Gehenna wisely ignored some treasure that was on open display, and the party opened up a trapdoor which led down a long, vertical hole. Upon lowering themselves into the tunnel the party were surprised to find that gravity flipped 90 degrees and they were walking on the walls. The tunnel led out to a kitchen with a roaring fireplace and a door. The party couldn’t extinguish the fire, but flipped a cauldron over and were able to pass through.

Everybody who passed through the door ended up in a different landscape, and went searching for exits. Every time somebody passed through an exit, they ended up back where they started until Akta realized that finding an exit that looks like somebody else’s exit would bring them together. When everybody was in the same landscape, the scenery vanished, leaving only a door to the kitchen and one to the conservatory.

Entering the conservatory, the party found a glass domed room, full of obsidian plants, and a giant cat toying with an unconscious human. After discovering the magical effects of all the plants in the room, the party conned the cat into eating some plants that shrunk it to a tiny size, and Kolybelka (the human who was just been toyed with by the cat) kept her, naming her Peppercat.

In the corner of the conservatory was a table, containing a replica of the hut. The party ate some of those same leaves, shrunk down and entered the hut, finding a room full of skeletons frozen in place, in poses that looked like they were executing people. In front of each skeleton was a card. When the cards were touched, the corresponding skeleton would begin to move slowly towards whoever had moved it.

After a series of unfortunate events, Gehenna ended up with a skeleton moving after him at the point where the card was destroyed. Unable to stop the skeleton, the team fled deeper into the dungeon, where they found the center of the wandering crypt. An old man, overgrown with trees, told them that the way to destroy the crypt, and the pendant, was related to the kitchen and to the skeleton that was following the team.

The team retreated to the kitchen, opening the other door, which always opened on a dark, red tunnel. Whoever opened the door could not enter, but others could, causing gastro-intestinal distress to whoever had opened the door. The party figured out that the door was a portal into the innards of whoever opened it. By hiding behind the door when the minor death entered the room, the party were able to con it into opening the door and forcing its way through the magical barrier inside, creating an impossible situation.

Suddenly, all is black…

Episode 5: Welcome to Saltmarsh

After an indeterminate amount of time floating in the blackness, the party wakes up in a room covered in machinery, to the sound of a familiar voice, Till. While taking a couple of days reast and relaxation in Till’s place, the party manages to stitch together a partial accounting of what is going on:

  • By forcing the Minor Death through the door, the party destroyed the wandering crypt, the pendant, and also the town of Mulmaster
  • The people here have been searching for, and trying to destroy, five artifacts. Thus far this is the first time one has been successfully destroyed.
  • These five artifacts pop up throughout history, and wherever they do, the historical record reveals the bloodshed follows quickly.
  • The party learns something about Till. She is in some way linked to the artifacts, there are five of her (Till and Zora, who the team has met so far), and each is in some way tied to one of the artifacts.

At this point, Till’s organization announces that they have a lead on another of the atrtifacts, a glove that in some way makes the wearer very powerful. The artifact is apparently in he town of Saltmarsh, and has been found by a group of smugglers called the Zhentarim cartel. The party is sent in to destroy the glove. In order to cut down the long travel times, the party is put into a “metal bullet” and hurled via catapult high into the air, splashing down in the waters outside of Saltmarsh.

The party asks around the Saltmarsh for the Zhentarim cartel, they learn that most people are concerned about the camp of lizard men outside of the city stockpiling weapons, but also quickly get a lead on a house in the docks, where the Zhentarims live, although worryingly, nobody has seen any of them for a few days now. After a stop at a curiously purple shop, named Old Xoblob’s, the team goes to the house.

Trying to creep in, the party find a number of bird-like creatures, and they kill all but one. The bird is only able to speak by repeating phrases that it has heard in the past, and tries to tell the team what happened with various permutations of:

  • “No time to loot the place, just get it to the boss”
  • “Who are you? This shouldn’t be happening”
  • “I can’t find it! I can’t find it! Give me the glove”

Unable to decipher much of what the bird had to say, the party turned to a ledger that was out on a table. It contained references to a glove, and also a schedule for deliveries, that mentioned the lizard men would be coming to collect some things on the following night.

The party decided to bluff that they had the glove and parlay with the lizard men. Most of the party holed up in the house, and Varis went out to meet the lizard men at the appointed time. Faced by upwards of 20 lizard men, Varis ran with the bluff, and all seemed to be going well until he mentioned the glove, which the lizardman pointed out very matter of factly that they already had!

Then, suddenly, an explosion. Dozens of purple-clad, armed men came bursting from the shadows. The lizard men and the purple army seemed pretty evenly matched, and the party was thrust into the middle of a raging street battle…

Episode 6: TBD