Welcome to SQL Bootcamp!

Welcome to SQL Bootcamp!


Thank you for signing up for SQL Bootcamp. I’m looking forward to an interesting and informative weekend building new skills together. Please come to the class with MySQL and MySQL Workbench already installed on your computer

File Downloads

This site will always contain the most up to date versions of the files related to this bootcamp

We will import some pre-made databases during the workshop. Note that these links will become live closer to the time of the workshop:

  • SQL files that we will need during the bootcamp
    • load_data.sql – This file will install all of the databases we’ll be using during the bootcamp
    • world.sql – This link leads to the page on mysql.com where you can download world.sql. world.sql is a standard training database that contains information on countries and their languages. We’ll use it in a couple of more advanced exercises and quizzes.
    • simple_stored_procedure.sql – A simple SQL file contianing some examples of simple stored procedures

We also provide some one-page SQL cheatsheets with succinct summaries of the concepts we’ll encounter in class. These files will be added to the website at the relevant points during the workshop


The following are the resources for further learning that I recommend during the class

  • The MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide: This book has been around for a while, but is still the most concise summary of MySQL concepts I’ve ever read. You can pick up a used copy on Amazon for a couple of bucks.
  • The OurSQL Podcast: Over 200 episodes (around 20 minutes each), explaining different aspects of MySQL.
  • MySQL Statements chart: An image that contains all of the MySQL statements. Read each statement from left to right, things with a white background are ANSI SQL, blue background is MySQL specific. Very confusing at first glance, but stick with it and there’s a lot in here.
  • SQLFiddle.com: A website with an interactive SQL terminal. Specify some tables and do some queries, all in your browser. Supports MySQL and other SQL dialects.
  • codeschool.com: Code School has an introductory Try SQL course, which is free. If you would like to get some more reps in in an interactive SQL environment, this could help cement the concepts we covered in class.

Help Center

Fingers crossed, you will not need this, but here are instructions on how to manually reset the root password in a MySQL installation in the case that you forget it.