You Killed a Bear But Now You’re Dying From Blood Loss: The Game

Great job! You crept into a bear’s cave and killed it with your “bare” hands. You are excited to get home, where you will undoubtedly be the toast of the town and your husband will be delighted with his new fur coat.

Unfortunately for you (the green dot), the bear took your left arm clean off and now you’re dying from blood loss.

I hope you're good at finding your "bearings" because you need to escape this "unbearably" twisted cave to survive. Use the arrow keys to escape the cave by getting to the open blue sky (blue dot) before you bleed out. You have 5 liters of blood inside you right now, but that number is creeping down with every step you take, and the floor of the cave is taking on an awfully “grisly” color...


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