When I was spending a fair amount of time travelling, I purchased a couple of cheap Wi-Fi enabled security cameras to keep an eye on my home while I was out. I had a great experience using those, although they have gathered dust in a box ever since the start of the COVID-related lockdown. I happened to pull one out to keep an eye on my front door while I travelled to Michigan a few months ago, and realized while I was fooling around with the app that it had the capability to do time-lapse videos and over the next few weeks I set up time-lapse videos of a few of my hobby projects around the home. With no further ado:

Hydroponic Garden

Earlier this year I designed and built an aeroponic garden. Here is a week of the plants growing while I was away from home. It’s genuinely surprising to me how much they move around to search out light.

Sourdough Starter

I bake all of my household’s bread, and have been honing my technique on rustic, country-style sourdough bread for a couple of years at this point. This time-lapse shows my sourdough starter for 12 hours after a feeding.

Header photo courtesy of David Becker.

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