Storytelling With Pantone Colors

Over the past few months I have been trying to figure out how to make myself do more creative activities. To thta end, I have spent a little while listening to podcasts about the creative process. One in particular has stuck out to me so far, Start With This, a podcast by two people whose writing I like very much.

The podcast’s “thing” is that in addition to discussing a creative topic, the hosts give you one thing to consume and one thing to do every week.

The topic of the first episode is just “doing things” and not worrying about them being good. One thing that really struck home for me is that the hosts discussed that many people have an idea floating around in their heads and they never act on it. The thinking is that by “doing” the idea, you have burned it forever and then will never get the chance to do it well. The hosts discuss this in terms of artists doing studies for paintings where they practice the same part of it over and over again, and they ask “why not do this with your own projects? Feel free to do it badly, just do it and get it out there. It’s a study”.

This post is my little study. The precise task they give is “set a timer for 60 minutes and work on one of your ‘one day’ ideas, then at the end of 60 minutes put the result out there”.

My One-hour “thing”

I have had this strange idea bouncing around in my head for the longest time: That it would be fun to try and write a story/poem/paragraph/thought by using only the names of Pantone colors, and trying to make a combination of the words, the colors and the layout tell a story.

Tonight I set a timer for 60 minutes and started copy-pasting Pantone colors into a document to try and tell a story.

With text With text
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